Windows onto life …

Today was a very stressful day, although for once it has nothing to do with the school (not that it is a pain to go to the school at all!). And the cause of all this stress?


My computer broke. And when I say broke, I mean seriously broke. Although it got better again.


In the morning it was fine, and as with yesterday I brought it in for the Lion King rehearsal (it’s effectively the technical desk, which will cause a problem when it is in England on the performance day, but I’m sure we’ll work our way around that somehow!).


Unfortunately, when I turned it on I was welcomed by a screen saying ‘Operating system could not be found’. Uh-oh. That’s not small fry – that’s the kind of ‘fry’ you get when you crack an egg in the desert! We couldn’t even get it into BIOS, which is the most basic of basic layers of a computer’s software (it stands for Basic Input Output System).


I decided that I must have accidentally bashed something out of place inside the computer, so proceeded to try and fix the problem by bashing it back, or as I’d prefer to say, using percussive maintenance. This did not work. Which is probably not surprising.


The alternative explanation I could come up with was that it might have something to do with the Egyptian USB stick that I plugged into my computer yesterday only for my anti-virus detected 140 viruses lurking in the dark depths of its data – although I cleansed it instantly of all these.


Anyway, I managed to get hold of the St Andrew’s computer whizz, and we took out the hard drive and managed to get my crucial data off onto his computer running Windows 7. ‘So much better than Vista,’ he noted, ‘but they stole some things from Mac.’


This at least meant that the hard drive itself was fine, so we dumped it back in for him to attempt to fix the computer again. ‘It might work now,’ he ventured. I pressed the On button. And it did! Oh mercy! Oh thank you God!! I was SO relieved I can barely express it in words.


Computers are both blissful and baneful things. The irony is, if I’d not been able to get it working again, I’d have ended up borrowing an old Mac which I had just updated the software on for someone else and used it instead. Just like at home. That particular Mac is years old and still going strong. St Andrew’s’ computer whizz, on the other hand, recommended I buy a new computer to replace this one. Perhaps, but my bank account will need to lose its depressingly dark red shading first …